We believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

That’s why we assembled a team of expert designers, strategists, writers, photographers, and programmers and built ourselves for collaboration. We adapt our team to your project or budget needs and work with you—offering constant communication, an efficient workflow, and ample personal attention—to deliver work that resonates deeply with your audience.


MALIN REEDIJK, Co-Founder / Principal / Designer

KATELYN PETERSON, Co-Founder / Principal / Designer



Malin Reedijk

Born in New York and raised in Portland, Malin began her professional career at Elixir Design in San Francisco in 2010. A year later, she was invited to join internationally-recognized Vanderbyl Design as a Senior Designer. After an interval in 2015 as Senior Design Lead at Pandora, Malin returned to the Vanderbyl studio as an Associate and Senior Designer, leading complex projects for major brands and boutique companies before co-founding Edition.

The daughter of two graphic designers (her family jokes design is literally in her blood), Malin taught herself Illustrator at 13 by recreating her dad’s wayfinding and exhibit designs. After 10 years in the Bay Area, she is currently back and forth between SF and the Pacific Northwest, where she runs the Portland division of Edition.


Katelyn Peterson

Katelyn is an accomplished designer and art director who honed her skills at Hearsay Social and Box while attending California College of the Arts. Upon graduation, Jennifer Morla, principal of Morla Design and Creative Director for Mark and Graham, invited her to work alongside the prominent design firm. Katelyn joined Vanderbyl Design in 2013 as a Senior Designer, where she led a broad spectrum of multi-faceted projects that inspired her to co-found Edition.

Before directing photo shoots professionally, Katelyn built her chops through childhood shoots with friends in Seattle, which she would turn into full magazines, complete with interviews, subscription inserts, articles, advertisements, and “trends”. She was born during the Loma Prieta earthquake and has been back in the Bay Area since 2009, where she runs Edition’s San Francisco outpost.



Collaboration brings fresh perspectives, unique insights, and distinctive skillsets to the table. Each of our team members knows how to identify and articulate what makes an organization, product, or offering special—and amplify those qualities.



John Baca-Dubets

John is an experienced photographer and videographer, spending time on a wide spectrum of projects in the LA film industry before moving to San Francisco to focus on photography. He was lead photographer at Tobi, has shot for Levi’s and The North Face, and has had his work published in Promo Magazine, MSN Lifestyle, Huffington Post, SF Magazine, Modern Luxury, 7x7 Magazine, Silica Magazine, and Flip Magazine.

John resides in Portland, where he owns and runs Mode, a rental and photo studio. The son of a reputable baseball coach, he is passionate about providing the resources for adults and students in his community to maximize their creative potential.


Penny Benda

Penny is an award-winning freelance writer whose work has been featured in Print, Communication Arts, and Metropolis magazines. A Creative Writing major at the University of Iowa, she also holds an M.A. in Humanities and Literature from San Francisco State. She has been based in the Bay Area ever since, where she writes for a diverse slate of businesses, specializing in brand naming and strategy, digital and web content, print ads and collateral, consumer catalogs, and white papers.

When not writing, Penny enjoys sampling San Francisco’s plentiful oyster options – occasionally with a G&T in hand – or engaging her obsession with British mystery novels and TV shows.


Andrew Ledford

Andrew is an Oakland-based copywriter with clients in tech, music, and more. He focuses on custom blog and newsletter content, website copy overhauls, email marketing campaigns, and advertisements so he can indulge his ongoing obsession with music – he writes songs for (and fronts) a band while trying to come to terms with a record-buying habit as unwieldy as it is fulfilling.


Elliot Petenbrink

Elliot is a social media strategist with vast experience – small businesses, high-end luxury brands, non-profits, and everything in between. He has developed a keen eye for the big picture over 10+ years in digital advertising and marketing and was even (very) briefly an Instagram-famous beard model.


Rebecca Wara

Rebecca is a creative and brand strategist with two-plus decades of experience getting to the heart of what makes companies tick. She has led successful brand, marketing, and product solutions for companies large and small in a wide variety of industries. A Bay Area native and avid rock climber, she is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian – and sometimes a mash-up of all three.


Ann Oyama

Ann is a MIT-educated Computer Software and Electrical Engineer with extensive expertise in custom software development, programming, and web design.